Q: Mufti Sahib, is the order of an Islamic government binding on us? For example, when ‘Eid comes, the government announces the sighting of the moon and we celebrate the next day as our ‘Eid. This is an order of the Islamic government which we obey. Then, we have the order by which we were given the option of opening Profit and Loss Accounts in the banks of the country. Obviously, this action was supposed to eliminate interest. If I put my money in the bank, get whatever profit or loss it gives to me and use it, would it not be permissible for me because I am simply following the order of the government of a Muslim country?

A: To obey the order of the ruler is necessary, but this has one limitation. To obey each and every order is not necessary. The rule is: There is no obedience to the created while one has to disobey the Creator. If the ruler gives an order which is against the order given by Allah, the order of that ruler will not be obeyed. In this particular instance you have cited, there is no order as such. This is just a facility provided for you. You may or may not use it. This is no law. Nobody has said that you must open a PLS Account, the contravention of which will be punishable by law.