I am now in the final days of my ninth pregnancy. I have been strongly advised by my consultants to undergo sterilization at the same time. My situation is as follows:
In all my pregnancies, I suffer from extremely severe vomiting for approximately three to four months. I have tried all forms of remedies including conventional drugs, homeopathic, ayurvedic and herbal treatments and on occasions even been hospitalised due to dehydration but nothing works until the Almighty Allah wills and the vomiting decreases itself. In my earlier pregnancies I somehow managed to cope and pull through these situations, however, in my latter pregnancies especially the current one, I lost all strength and energy to such an extent that I lost all hope and my state was of despair. I have taken advice from a female Muslim practicing gynaecologist who also has strongly advised me to go ahead with the sterlization.
The question I have to ask is that: Is it permissible for me to go ahead and be sterilized, as now, I personally (Allah is witness) cannot cope with another pregnancy. There are other forms of contraception but I feel reluctant to use them as I find them more interfering with nature and-have heard many sisters telling me about complications arising with their use. Although sterilization does not work 100% and there is a failure rate of 1.200, I still find it a better option. However, I do not want to take any steps that are against Shariah and my final decision will be your answer.

Sterilization which renders a female unable to reproduce forever is not permissible. However, any contraceptive measure can be adopted for health reasons.