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Author’s Note

This work constituted a detailed Introduction to the well known treatise on Christianity Izharul Haqq which was written by Maulana Rahmatullah Kairanawi in Ara­bic and edited and translated by me into Urdu. During the course of my work (of translating and editing), I studied the Christian religion in its original sources. The conclusions of my study constituted the said introduc­tion which was later published separately under the title “What is Christianity”.
This work has been translated into Arabic; and has met with wide acceptance. For some time, the need was felt for an English translation and my learned brother Muhammad Shoib Omar undertook the task.
I have read the text, and have found that the translation reflects the ability and competence of the translator. He has exercised due care and shown dili­gence. May Allah give him the best reward and grant him tawfiq to undertake similar academic works.
I sincerely hope that this work will assist the English reader to properly understand Christianity.

Durban — 13 April 1987.

[1] Please note the aforementioned repetition has generally been avoided in this translation.

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