15 05, 2022

Memories (Episode 35)


Memories (Episode 35)   Our Respected Father’s First Heart Attack Our respected father (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) suffered from bouts of various ailments since middle age. Physically as well, he was not much strong. However, through his spiritual [...]

10 05, 2022

Memories (Episode 34)


Memories (Episode 29)   Hadhrat Muawiya and Historical Facts I have previously written my experiences regarding my respected father’s (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) balanced position and my own mode of action towards Jamat-e-Islami and Maulana Maududi (may Allah’s [...]

25 04, 2022

Memories (Episode 33)


Memories (Episode 33)   My Marriage My parents were in search of a suitable bride for me, and their search finally ended upon the daughter of respected Sharafat Husain Sahib (may Allah’s mercy be upon him). Respected Sharafat Husain Sahib [...]

15 04, 2022

Memories (Episode 32)


Memories (Episode 32)   Islahi Ta’alluq[1] and Baiyah with Hadhrat Dr Abdul Hayy Sahib Arifi (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) As a result of my respected father’s (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) teachings, guidance and upbringing, it had [...]

10 04, 2022

Memories (Episode 31)


Memories (Episode 31)   Legal Status of Taqleed The late respected Mahir ul-Qadri was a famous poet of Pakistan. At the same time, he had developed a good taste for reading religious books. He used to publish a literary-cum-educational monthly [...]

30 03, 2022

Memories (Episode 30)


Memories (Episode 30)   Law Education and LLB After completing B.A, I had initially planned to do M.A in Economics. However, this would not have been possible by mere self-study. Secondly, if truth be told Economics was not a subject [...]

27 03, 2022

Memories (Episode 29)


Memories (Episode 29)   Training in Issuing Fatwa In the beginning, besides the two hours of teaching, the remaining time was spent undergoing the training in issuing Fatwa. To this end, our respected father (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) [...]

26 03, 2022

Memories (Episode 28)


Memories (Episode 28)   Teaching Career These events of Hajj are from 1964. In those days, one of the responsibilities I was assigned at Darul Uloom was teaching. At the same time, I was also undergoing training in writing Fatwas [...]

20 03, 2022

Memories (Episode 27)


Memories (Episode 27)   Meeting with Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Baz Shaikh Abdul Aziz Bin Baz (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) was the Dean of the Islamic University of Madinah Munawwarah in those days. Our respected father had met [...]

15 01, 2022

Memories (Episode 26)


Memories (Episode 26)   It seems appropriate to reproduce the letter our respected father had presented to the Saudi scholars, because it made a positive impact on the conditions in Saudi Arabia. The original letter was in Arabic and is [...]

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