15 02, 2015

Doubt in Salah

2016-08-31T19:41:06+05:00 Salaah|

Doubt in Salah Question: It frequently happens during Namaz (Salah) that I forget the correct number of Rak'at I have performed. For example, I get confused during the Salah whether I have performed two Rak'ats or three Rak'ats. Normally [...]

12 02, 2015

Commiting a mistake Jama’ah

2016-08-31T19:40:51+05:00 Salaah|

Commiting a mistake Jama'ah Question: If one is offering prayers (salah) in congregation (Jama'ah) and he commits a mistake under which sajdah for repentence becomes mandatory, then, can he offer such a sajdah at the end of the prayers [...]

11 02, 2015

Making Dua in Sajda

2016-08-31T19:40:45+05:00 Salaah|

Making Dua in Sajda Question: Is it permissible, under the Shariah, to make supplication (Du'a) while one is in Sajdah? It is commonly observed that some people after completing their prayer (salah) fall in sajdah and offer supplications in [...]

31 07, 2012

Du’a e Qunoot

2016-08-31T19:40:30+05:00 Salaah|

Du'a e Qunoot Question: (a) Why is du'a of qunoot prayed during the 'Isha' Prayers (specially in the Witr)? There must be a reason behind it. (b) Since du'a qunoot is a du'a, can we use it in other [...]

31 07, 2012

Joining The Congregational Prayer Late

2016-08-31T19:40:25+05:00 Salaah|

Joining The Congregational Prayer Late Question: If one joins the congregational prayer late (i.e.in 3rd or 4th rakah) what is the proper way to complete the prayer? in Which rakah he has to recite a surah and in which [...]