29 09, 2017

Hajj And Qurbani

2017-12-18T16:59:36+05:00 Hajj and Umrah|

Hajj And Qurbani 1999 September Question: I have started earning myself, but I am still unmarried. I give my salary wholly to my mother (she returned back more than half). Please tell me when the Qurbani on Eid-ul-Azha become [...]

15 02, 2015


2016-08-31T17:33:28+05:00 Hajj and Umrah|

Umrah Question: If I go for Umrah am I required to first offer Umrah on my own behalf and then perform another Umrah on behalf of someone else, by going back to Meekat and wearing Ihram? Or is it [...]