The Language of the Friday Khutbah 2017-11-23T17:15:47+05:00


In substantial number of mosques in different parts of USA and some other western countries the Khutbah of Friday is delivered in English or other local languages. My respected brother Dr. Muhammad Ismail Madani asked me to explain the correct Sharjah position about the language of the Khutbah. Certain articles have appeared in Urdu for the purpose but the English knowing people cannot benefit from them, therefore, it was suggested by my learned brother that I should write an article in English. The present booklet is meant to fulfill this need and I hope that it will clarify doubts on the subject. I would request the readers to consider the points raised in this article with an impartial and unbaised approach because the matter relates to a very important Islamic mode of worship. May Allah guide us to the straight path according to His own pleasure.

Muhammad Taqi Usmani

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