Q: There is a system called “Dollar Jet”. Its procedure is as follows. This system is world wide and thousands of people are participating in this game. Please let us know whether it is lawful in Shari’ah.

Gambling is expensive, but there’s a recipe for success.
With it, you can earn capital assets of
US$ 30,000 (Thirty thousand)
With out any financial engagement on your part in 4-6 weeks
This is made possible by the DOLLARJET SYSTEM
How does this system work?

The DOLLARJET SYSTEM is neither a lottery nor a game of chance for which you have to buy tickets, but is based on a logical arithmetical system which, consistently followed, leads to large gain for the participants.
Everyone actively participates in the DOLLARJET system and initiates his own personal circle of players. It is this activity that not only gives you the chance, but the certainty of winning!
Let’s assume you play along:
For your chance of winning $ 30,000, you first need a sum of $ 90 distributed as follows:
1. You buy this letter from the player listed in the fifth position for $ 30
2. You pay $ 30 to the player listed in the first position by postal order (indispensable for correct procedure).
3. You pay $ 30 by postal order or cheque or cash to Commerce Control AG (GGI). A-1121 Vienna, Box 67.
4. After following Items 2 & 3, send the proofs of payment (item 2) with the necessary advance payment (item 3) and the legibly completed list of names to GGI Vienna.
You will be sent 4 letters from GGI, in each of which you will be entered in fifth place in the list of the addresses. The player in first place on the list sent in by you will on the other hand be omitted after he has received # 30, not only from you, but from 1.023 other players, provided all other players have correctly followed the instructions.
You now sell these four new letters for $ 30 each to four new acquaintances or relatives. You earn $ 120. You thus not only recover your outlay but an additional $ 30 for postage and telephone costs for your acquisition of members.
You have thus recovered your entire stake!
The four new participants now follow the rules just like you and
now receive four letters each.
You are thus in fourth position in 16 letters.
Sixteen new players again receive four letters.
Then in second position in 256 letters and finally in first position
in 1,024 letters.
Now every new purchaser of letters in which you are listed in first
position remits $ 30 to you.
You receive $ 30, 720 without financial engagement on your part!

A: Participating in the play “Dollar Jet” is (Haram) unlawful, because it is a gambling. At the very outset the sponsors have indicated that it is gambling by saying “Gambling is expensive, but there’s a recipe for success”. Any person who spends $ 90 is actually indulging in gambling because the return is uncertain and may be any amount between zero dollar and 30,000 dollars. The mechanism suggested by the sponsors (CCl) is contingent upon the fact that all the forms will be sold as contemplated and thousands of persons will purchase them at the given price. The expected return is all imaginary and the person receiving the forms may not be able to sell even one form and his investment of $ 90 will be lost. Hence, it is unlawful in Shari’ah. Participating in this play is unlawful if anyone has already spent $ 90 and has received money in excess of $ 90 is also (Haram) and illegal property. He should return this money to its lawful owner or his heir and if this is not possible, this should be given in charity without expecting any reward (Sawab). Allah knows best.