1 11, 2019

Memories (Episode 3)


  Memories (Episode 3) The topic will not be complete without mentioning a few more special qualities of Bhai Jaan (Hazrat Muhammad Zaki Kaifi (may Allah Ta’ala’s Mercy be upon him)), especially that out of all of us brothers he [...]

20 10, 2019

Memories (Episode 2)


  Memories (Episode 2) My respected mother (Respected Nafeesa Khatoon Sahiba), may Allah Ta’ala keep pouring the rain of His mercy on her at all times, was an ideal mother and an exemplary household lady. She belonged to a famous [...]

9 10, 2019

Memories (Episode 1)


Memories (Episode 1) I hesitate in calling myself a Deobandi in terms of school of thought because this smells of sectarianism, and also because some people, when they hear the word Deobandi, have the misunderstanding that Deobandi is a religious [...]

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